Master Planning

Six Nations Youth & Seniors’ Centre

Six Nations Parks & Recreation had previously constructed an ice arena and community hall complex adjacent to each other separated by an underutilized outdoor area. MMMC's master plan design explored design options to link the new Youth & Senior Centre to the two existing buildings to create a cohesive sports and recreation complex. The architectural [...]

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Willett Community Health Centre

The new vision for the Willet Hospital is a multi-service community health centre.  In consultation with The BCHS planning team MMMC Architects documented the existing space needs of Willet Hospital and developed the future functional program and physical space needs.  Using this information numerous redevelopment alternatives were studied and capital costs for each alternative calculated.  [...]

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Parkwood Mennonite Home

Parkwood Mennonite Home, located on 8 acres in north east Waterloo Ontario, is planned as a neighbourhood integrated continuum of care facility for seniors. Five components; long-term care, entry and amenities, assisted living, independent living and a future life-lease building provide a full range of accommodation and services for the Parkwood site residents while sympathetically [...]

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Dearness Home

The City of London has an historic opportunity to create a seniors' community on the site of the recently constructed Dearness Home Long-Term Care Facility that will minimize the inevitable difficulties arising out of aging.  Through congregate living, seniors will maintain their independence and choice for self-direction. The City of London plans to leverage the [...]

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Albright Center

MMMC have worked with Albright for over ten years assisting their vision for a continuum of care seniors campus. The architectural vision for Albright Centre embraces all of the needs for Aging in Place by including houses, town homes, rental and life-lease apartments as well as the essential support of the Albright Manor Long Term [...]

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“So-Co” Vision South of Colborne

MMMC Architects unveiled a design vision for the south Colborne Street district to garner discussion on how this important urban space might develop. MMMC is suggesting the new district be given a catchy name, So-Co (south of Colborne), making it a community destination.  In MMMC's vision, the south-Colborne Street district will physically and symbolically connect [...]

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Brantford Civic Square Design Study

MMMC Architects in association with DuToit Allsop Hillier Landscape Architects were selected by the City of Brantford to lead the design study for a Civic Square project. The final design included water as a theme combined with hard and soft landscape.  A central water feature will incorporate a fountain in the summer and an ice [...]

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Bennett Village – Campus Master Plan

Bennett Village’s vision is to create a full continuum of care campus on a 5 acre site on Halton Hills Drive, Georgetown. Currently there are 66 LTC residents who live in Bennett Centre, co-located with the Georgetown Hospital in leased accommodation. Bennett Village desires to redevelop a new 64 resident LTC home to meet the [...]

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