MMMC Architects unveiled a design vision for the south Colborne Street district to garner discussion on how this important urban space might develop.

MMMC is suggesting the new district be given a catchy name, So-Co (south of Colborne), making it a community destination.  In MMMC’s vision, the south-Colborne Street district will physically and symbolically connect the historic downtown area of Brantford to the natural beauty of the Grand River valley.

To maintain the river valley view, MMMC’s scheme proposes a new public park extending from Harmony Square to King Street including the ‘green’-roof of a new YMCA and Laurier Athletic complex.  From Colborne Street, looking out to the river, the green roof extends the view to the river valley.  A serpentine-shaped pedestrian and bicycle bridge will continue the riverfront trail system safely over Icomm Drive and into the So-Co district, connecting the downtown to the river.