Long-term Care

Gilmore Lodge

Currently in construction, the new Gilmore Lodge and Seniors’ Wellness Centre will provide a welcoming home for residents, clients and the community and a safe and comfortable work environment for staff. The new 160 bed home features small home-like households of 16 residents, cohesive resident home areas, destination common spaces including a library, chapel, cafe/store, [...]

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Linhaven Long Term Care and Wellness Centre

Niagara Region’s Linhaven LTC is being redeveloped to create a hub of service for seniors, their families and the broader community. The new 256-bed Linhaven will be constructed on the same site, adjacent to the existing home. Once the home is completed and residents have moved, the old Linhaven will be demolished and parking constructed [...]

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John Noble Home B&C Bed Redevelopment

At the time of application to the MOHLTC for their B&C Bed Redevelopment project, the John Noble Home envisioned a 3 to 4 phase project involving multiple resident moves over a two year construction period. The driving factor in this strategy was planning that required the redevelopment of 79 beds in the same location as [...]

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Fairview Lodge B&C Bed Project

The new Fairview Lodge has been redeveloped on the site of the existing home which has served Whitby and its surrounding area since the mid 1950s. The new three storey Fairview Lodge, which has achieved LEED Gold, will provide a modern, comfortable and efficient environment for residents, families and staff. The design of the site [...]

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Dearness Home

Key to the planning was the concept of resident-centered design, respecting core values of privacy, dignity and individuality.  Residents live in nine distinct “Resident Home Areas of 27 residents each.  Resident personal spaces (bedrooms and washrooms), shared spaces (bathing) and communal spaces (dens, activity rooms, dining rooms) are spacious, home-like and designed for privacy as [...]

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Albright Center

This state-of-the-art facility was one of the first long-term care facilities constructed to meet the new 1998 Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Design standards.  The 231-bed, 5 storey long-term care facility opened in 2002.  Eight houses of 29 residents provide intimate care in a homelike setting.  Residents enjoy a café, worship centre, activity [...]

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Blue Water Rest Home B&C Bed MOHLTC Pilot Project

MMMC Architects was pleased to be the architectural firm for the Ministry’s B & C Bed Pilot Project, Blue Water Rest Home. This 65 bed rural home was chosen to be a hub of community-based services. The redesigned Blue Water Rest Home includes a new main kitchen, preparing meals for twinned dining rooms and serveries [...]

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Idlewyld Manor

Idlewyld Manor is a charitable, non-profit LTC facility built on a 13 acre site in Hamilton, Ontario. The three-storey residence houses 192 residents in six community-style resident home areas. Beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces, including a tranquil therapeutic park, provide residents with safe and inviting places to walk.

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Grandview Lodge

Grandview Lodge is a municipal long-term care facility that was downsized from 202 beds to 128 beds. Phased construction allowed the renovations to take place without relocating residents. The redeveloped home includes 4 “resident home areas” (RHA’s). Each RHA is a complete self-contained homelike residential living environment for 32 seniors living with dementia and other [...]

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Sunnyside Home

Sunnyside Home, a 263 bed municipally owned LTC facility redevelopment which opened in 2004, contains ten resident home areas of 26/27 residents. Resident home areas are self-contained living environments with bedrooms, bathing, activity and lounge space, dining areas, and staff work areas. Residents and family enjoy courtyard gardens, cafe, worship centre, lounges, auditorium and two [...]

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