Heritage + Adaptive Re-use

Brant Avenue Heritage Properties

Located in the Brant Avenue Heritage District of Brantford, 123/125, 127 and 133 Brant Avenue are a collection of carefully restored and maintained heritage properties for residential and commercial use. MMMC Architects have their Brantford design studio at 127 Brant Avenue and the main floor level of 133 Brant Avenue. MMMC Architects designed three residential [...]

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Mohawk College, Athletic Complex & Student Lounge

This successful adaptation project of a former industrial warehouse into an athletic complex demonstrates the exciting possibilities when an older building is renovated to provide for a new use.  Completed in four phases over more than a decade the project contains an athletic centre, student commons and academic centre. To create a large space suitable [...]

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Detweiler Meetinghouse

The historic Detweiler Meetinghouse created in 1855, is the only surviving stone meetinghouse built by Mennonite pioneers in Ontario. The restored meeting house was dedicated in September 1999. Historical Design features include: - 150 year old warm pine floor and furnishings - original antique window glass, channeling in natural sunlight - 2 foot thick granite [...]

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Brant Avenue Church Apartments

Following a merger of this congregation with another, the church was sold and converted to apartments in 1998. Thirteen rental apartments - from a 485 sq ft bachelor to  1,400 s ft 2-Bedroom - were created. Since the church has a low eave, the upper apartments, with lofts, are above the eave line. New gables [...]

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Preston School Apartments

The conversion of the Preston School into seniors' housing is an excellent example of converting a non-residential building to residential use. Rehabilitating an old school opened certain design opportunities. The spacious old corridors became elegant circulation galleries, displaying quilts handicrafts and historical photographs. Within the suites the 11 to 12 foot "classroom" ceiling height was [...]

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Wilfrid Laurier University – Carnegie Building, Brantford Campus

The renovation of the former Brantford Public Library to the Brantford Campus of Wilfrid Laurier University continues the tradition of access to ideas and information that this landmark building has enjoyed. The renovated facility accommodates 400 students in an intimate learning environment while being respectful of the historic nature of the building. Instructional areas and [...]

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St. Andrew’s United Church

Fire devastated the original 1860 United Church in January 2006. All that remained of the Sanctuary was the tower, north entry, and the east and west solid masonry nave walls. MMMC Architects is proud to have redesigned a program that is both sensitive to the exterior heritage while the interior reflects a more contemporary feel. [...]

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Lucy Marco Place – WLU Student Residence & Heritage House Affordable Housing

This project was a mix of reuse and new construction. Building 1 is the original 1912 YMCA Georgian style 4 storey building which was renovated to provide 24 low income apartments including 3 barrier free units. Many architectural heritage features were retained and emphasized. Building 2 is a new 6 storey building (plus basement) housing [...]

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