Our History

MMMC Architects celebrated its 50th year of practice in 2010. The architectural practice has roots in the founding firm of Mark Musselman McIntyre Architects started in 1960 in Brantford. Lawrence Combe joined the firm in 1964 managing a Toronto branch office of Mark Musselman McIntyre and Combe Architects. Gilbert Mark, Gerald Musselman, Donald McIntyre and Lawrence Combe were classmates and graduates of The University of Toronto School of Architecture.

In 1986, Craig Newsome, also a graduate of The University of Toronto School of Architecture joined the practice and in 1989 the partnership was incorporated under the firm name MMMC Inc. Architects. The founding partners of the architectural firm (Mark Musselman McIntyre) retired from practice over the last decade. MMMC Architects is led by Craig Newsome – Principal, Lawrence Combe – Principal, and Architects Dwight Lander, Carolyn Bilson and Anthony Bateson.