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Blessed Sacrament Catholic Elementary School

Addition and Renovation The school has been “transformed” with a new high tech library and resource lab, a new double height class entry foyer, new administrative area with an adjacent workroom and principal’s office that offers a panorama view from the main entrance for optimum security. Addition 2,900 sf, renovated area 3,100 sf.

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École élémentaire L’Odyssée

The challenge many Boards face is how to complete a major HVAC upgrade in an older school within a very limited schedule – the two month summer holiday break. L’Odyssee is an excellent example of how careful project planning combined with a good general contractor, make these upgrades possible. The existing elementary school contained all [...]

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New St. Martin Catholic Elementary School + Daycare Centre

The design of the new St. Martin Catholic Elementary School is the result of a collaborative design process that involved the Niagara Catholic School Board, the Township of West Lincoln and the existing St. Martin School community. Located on a main thoroughfare, sloped forms, skewed walls and special attention to context provide a building form [...]

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New St. Pius X Catholic Elementary School

The new school amalgamates two existing catholic elementary schools on the site on an existing elementary school deemed prohibitive to repair. Site and building layout were developed to ensure a compact and efficient building form that offers safe and efficient site circulation routes for vehicular traffic, kiss n’ ride drop off, kindergarten short term parking, [...]

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W. Ross Macdonald School – Residence for Blind & Deaf-Blind Students

The W. Ross Macdonald School Senior Student Residence in Brantford, Ontario is an award winning residence specifically designed to meet the needs of students who are visually impaired, blind and deaf blind. The 76-student residence is for senior students who will live in self-contained apartment style units of 6 and 8 students.  The residence is [...]

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W. T. Townshend Public School

W.T. Townshend Public School is designed to provide a safe, inspiring, and loving school community for students.  There is a proven link between the quality of a child's learning environment and their ability to learn. Our classrooms support multiple styles of curriculum delivery, and challenge intelligences. The Grade 2 classroom at. W. T. Townshend embodies [...]

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Delhi DSS – Library, Science Labs + Family Studies

Project #1: Renovations to existing areas of the school have provided state of the art Science Labs, Family Studies and Communications & Arts program areas. Project #2:  The Library is the resource centre for Delhi District Secondary School containing library stacks, meeting area, reading lounge, and computer resources.  The Library addition was designed to include [...]

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Jean Vanier Catholic Elementary School

This new school was built in an established neighbourhood on the site of an existing elementary school. The children remained in the old school building until the new school was constructed. The old school was demolished and playfields developed in its footprint. The new school is a dual track school - amalgamating two existing schools, [...]

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Chippewas of Nawash New Elementary School

This new school is designed and sited to respond to the remoteness of the location and the rugged beauty of the west shores of Georgian Bay. Great care was taken to respond respectfully to the sensitivities of the land and the culture of the First Nation. Both form and structure of the building were extensively [...]

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