Parkwood Mennonite Home, located on 8 acres in north east Waterloo Ontario, is planned as a neighbourhood integrated continuum of care facility for seniors. Five components; long-term care, entry and amenities, assisted living, independent living and a future life-lease building provide a full range of accommodation and services for the Parkwood site residents while sympathetically relating to the adjacent community.

Low scale independent living cottages are planned to face out onto the municipal street, allowing interaction on a personal level with the surrounding neighbourhood. The two storey long-term care component, situated on a sloping area of the site, allows access to grade from both floor levels and provides views and access into an adjacent nature preserve and walkway system.

The taller elements, assisted living and life lease towers, being vertically dominant, have been situated mid site and close to the busy arterial road, respectively, to maintain a comfortable distance from the small scale residential neighbourhood and offer opportunities to view out into the countryside. All vehicular access to the site has been located close to the main arterial road in order to lessen the impact of traffic on the neighbourhood.