John Noble Home B&C Bed Redevelopment

  • Location: Brantford, ON

At the time of application to the MOHLTC for their B&C Bed Redevelopment project, the John Noble Home envisioned a 3 to 4 phase project involving multiple resident moves over a two year construction period. The driving factor in this strategy was planning that required the redevelopment of 79 beds in the same location as 64 existing beds.

Upon initial review of the site, location of entrances and services and client wishes, MMMC proposed 3 options for the location of the redeveloped beds. The favourable solution allowed the newly constructed beds to be located such that the 64 existing beds could remain in place and operational through the majority of the construction period.

This resulted in a shorter, less costly schedule and a single move for most residents. The chosen location also allowed a re-structuring of back-of-the-house services which will increase operational efficiencies, and provide a new image for the home in the community.

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