Located in the Brant Avenue Heritage District of Brantford, 123/125, 127 and 133 Brant Avenue are a collection of carefully restored and maintained heritage properties for residential and commercial use.

MMMC Architects have their Brantford design studio at 127 Brant Avenue and the main floor level of 133 Brant Avenue. MMMC Architects designed three residential apartment units at 123 +125+ 133 Brant Avenue providing a unique living environment in the Brant Avenue Heritage District.

23 + 125 Brant Avenue has recently undergone a complete renovation and restoration designed by Craig Newsome of MMMC Architects. The result is a high-quality space combining modern and historic details creating a dynamic and unique living environment. All building systems are new and efficient providing the convenience, efficiency and comfort of a new home in this unique Heritage District.

123 Brant is in the original c.1860 Ontario cottage, perhaps the oldest standing home on Brant Avenue which at that time was known as Dumfries Street. 125 Brant is located in the c.1880 Victorian-era bay-windowed addition to the original home. 155-year old pine floors, ornate plaster ceilings, wood porches, details, wood trims from this era were restored or replaced.