Knox Presbyterian Church

  • Location: Cambridge, ON

The historical significance of Knox Presbyterian Church to this community is illustrated by its seating capacity of 1,350 when it was built in 1868, relative to its community population of 3,000 at that time. The annex was constructed in 1908 in response to an active Sunday School program.

A fire, set by an arsonist on April 16th, 1989, destroyed the interior of the annex and an old Casavant organ and part of the chancel. The Sanctuary was saved by a new fire door that had just been installed as part of a fire safety retrofit that included work to the separation between the annex and the original building.

The reconstruction of the annex allowed the recovery of the original high volume Friendship Hall and in the process, the exposure of the original church’s stone exterior as a feature in this social space that functions for small gatherings. The balance of the annex was designed to achieve simplified circulation. Windows were restored to their original standards and the character of finishes and details either match or complement the original character.

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