GO Transit (Metrolinx) Markham Centennial Station

  • Location: Markham, Ontario

MMMC designed this multi-level, 449 car parking structure for Newton Parking Structures Ltd. at GO Transit’s Markham Centennial Station.

This new, pre-fabricated parking structure system is the North American equivalent of GOBACAR, a system developed in Germany. A bolted, galvanized steel column and beam framework supports precast concrete floor plates, one care space wide and 18m long, providing column-free parking.

Short, one-way ramps connect flat, split-level parking levels. One-way, counter-clockwise, up and down loops create a consistent traffic pattern for entrance and exit, which is easily understood. Fully glazed stairwells enhance security.

The floor plates are formed with a special concrete mix, which does not require a protective topping. This results in maintenance costs which are a small fraction of the costs to maintain traditional topping solutions. Over the life of the structure, this provides owners with significant cost savings.

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