Conestoga College Library Resource Centre Revitalization

  • Location: Doon Campus

Designed to serve as a go-to focal place on campus, MMMC has designed a new library that draws in the college community by providing a wide range of services and amenities in an attractive, welcoming, interactive environment. This revitalized space meets the needs and expectations of 21st Century learners.

Rich mixes of independent and collaborative spaces have been carefully programmed throughout the space to address student learning needs and create informal zones for various social happenings to unfold. The once mundane corridor, with minimum views into the library has been opened up with fully glazed openings and a new vibrant lounge that playfully encourages passerby’s to enter the library and interact with others around it.

Winner of the 2018 OLA ‘Building Award: The Library Architectural and Design Transformation Award’. Click on this link for additional project information:

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